Monday, October 29, 2007

Day Twelve. 10-29-07

A Beautiful sunny morning, My last full day here. I have a few spots marked on my GPS and have plans to go back and photograph with both cameras. I want to spend the day on the bike and get back here before dark.

I'm not sure if I will pack the bike tonight or not. I can hear my mother saying, "Don't put thing off to the last minute!". So will see how I feel when I get back. Great day today. I got everything done that I needed to do plus. I went back to Gray's again and for the last time. It was one of the owners birthday and all morning people came in singing happy birthday. He seemed to be unimpressed, but that maybe what they love. It was fun listing the group sitting around at the table next to me. The other owner is a card. Two gay guys, Nice place. I headed out to the two spots had marked on the GPS.

The first photo shoot went well. The shots with the digital camera look great. Heading to second spot, when I was downtown, My hub made a very bad crunching noise and started acting strange. I seemed to get all gears, but in low made a new clunking noise. Whoops!
I took it easy on the hills, tried not to get out of the saddle and ride as smoothly as I could. I followed the GPS track but found that I needed to be on the east side of the Dart to get to where I had left the mark. I made it to the village and shot many shots with the Stereo and the digital camera
Lunch at a cute little public house called The Tally Ho Inn. Very nice, I had a pint and the Cod with chips with peas.
Back to the center of town, I got Food and Beer for the house and climbed the hill without a problem.
I washed the bike and shoes and packed it so as not to put it off to the last minute.
Janet and her husband David have gone out and I'm in the room snacking and watching the tube. I'm about 75% packed and paid up. So tomorrow, my last day here, I will finish packing and head out to shoot as much with the digital camera so as to not have film in the camera for the pass through the X -ray machine. My train is at 1:22 so I want to be down at the station by 1:00 so there wont be a problem. Good day all in all.

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