Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day Ten, 10-27-07

Another cloudy day but dry and very mild. Janet commented about the noisy man who dropped me off last night at breakfast, That's Stewart and the way he is and the certain attract I have to my new Canadian friend.
My day will start as usual, Shower and then head down for emails and a cup of strong black coffee. There s a cute gal staying at the B+B now, I didn't want to ask too many questions just yet, Maybe later we will chat. I found out later she was here for a class, downtown. Its really beautiful out, a little misty and very mild.
I'm at the Red Wizard and its the same group that greets me every morning. Very nice people, I'm not sure what they really think about me. I was told by Stewart that Totnes is considered to be the "Alterative" capital of Britain. Alternate thinkers, Kind of like The folks of San Francisco. I found the right town all by luck. There is a gal on the Internet here at the café now, so I'm just waiting and writing. I'm looking forward to being home now. Just to get back to it. Not really home sick, but thinking how nice it will be to be up in the woods on my mountain bike a week from tomorrow. The Fish and Chips with Rob at the OPG on Friday looks good. I will order 2 orders and split the second with Rob, its that good. I sorta hope the beer is flat!,
I will miss the British Bitter when I'm back, another thing that will drive me crazy not having it. I may need to find a new place that serves it. After here I need to get cash and have a ride around. I have been told that the weather for Sunday looks wet and for Monday, sunny again. I will pass on the museum, the travel time , loss of riding time and the expense would take a lot of the fun away. It would be like traveling up to New Hampshire to see bikes in distance if I were at home. The day went as planned. I finished with emails and went to the Tourist office and inquired about help in finding a room in Reading on Tuesday night as to be close enough to the airport to make my flight. They gave me a few numbers that I could try. I went to the Grocery to use the phone and get some food before my ride. I called a few spots to find that they were all booked. After being referred from one to another and another, I found a spot for 42 pounds (expensive) that will have me. They are about a mile and a half from the airport. That done, I went and sat down and had a Burger and fry's.

I headed out for my ride around 11:30. It was misting, but not raining. he type of mist that tickles your face and nose as you ride and making it necessary to stop and wipe off your glasses about every 20 minuets or so. I headed out on the bicycle trail that heads north out of town.

I found a Pub that a fellow in the Halifax airport coming here recommended and said I must go to while visiting Totnes. Its a spot called the Sea Trout Inn. It was very old and comfortable. I ordered a pint, checked the map, used there wash room and split. The roads were damp and the spots of dirt on the road were slippery making the rear tire spin while climbing. I headed out and away from Totnes north west trying to keep within 10 miles from Totnes and about 350' above sea level. It started to get really windy and the mist got heavy but never turned to rain.

I was getting cold and decided it best to head back to the house. I made it back around 4:00 and watched a little TV and napped. I'm up now and its raining. Resting in the room and watching the Beatles movie Help. I will be up for a while and need to turn the clocks back tonight as it is the end of Day Light Savings Time, or what they call, English Summer.

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