Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day Three, 10-20-07

Starting my day in the usual manner. Breakfast of yogurt and eggs. Just what I want and need. Breakfast conversation was with a young couple about global warming. How things have changed here in the UK weather wise. They blame the wet past summer on the problem.

This morning I will head down town and check my email and have another cup of coffee. I want to head over to the market and get some stuff for a small picnic later today. My bicycle is locked up down the street and I have taken to shopping around and waiting for the cloud cover to burn off. I went to the Red Wizard Cafe and got on line to answer letters and get in touch with friends that might be wondering how things are going. I found a photo shop that will have some of my photos ready on Monday to turn into post cards and send back to the US.

I found the Fish and Chips spot that the son of the B+B had recommended and ordered a small. It was OK but not as good as the OPG back in Watertown Ma. Seems as though that they don't know what crispy Fry's are. Good though. The fish is always good and always seems to need salt.

My plan now is to get to the store and get some stuff and then try to make some calls. I stopped at the Royal Seven Star for the first pint of the day and went for two. Only seems right. Afterwards I went around and shot photos with the stereo camera. Many folks came up and said they loved the camera. And many waited for me to take the shot before passing. So polite! What a great town. Everybody is so friendly and when they hear me speak thy become extra nice. I went to the market and picked up beer for the house and a little pork pie. It was like a meat ball in crust. Not very good, but only 53p which is about a dollar,US. Totnes Center Happy Raleigh My morning routine at the "Red Wizard" Then it came to me. The key for my bike was gone! Not very good with keys am I. It was returned to the customer service desk and all was good. I went up to the house and dropped off the beer and camera. My new watch, a 70 year old Waltham Watch, As old as the bicycle Im riding,the strap I just got last Wednesday on the way to the airport, broke. No big deal. I put in my pocket and headed out for a ride. I went back downtown and found the bicycle trail that heads north. A mix of pavement, dirt, leaves and fun. Being Saturday and now sunny, there were alot of people out. The trail zig zag's around and splits at a foot bridge that heads over the River Dart. There was a sign that said no cycling. Fine. I turned around and headed back on the trail north. It seemed to finish at a gift shop plaza that lots of folks were walking around with nothing better to do but shop and eat. I went passed and found a road that went up hill and turned around back to where I started. I headed back into town at the end and found a watch shop and left my bike unlocked in front and went in for a watch band. After dealing with the clerk,I mentioned that my bicycle was unlocked. he said "please bring it in" He loved the bike and was quite impressed . He loved the fact that it had 2 cogs on the 3 speed hub. He said, "well, its a six speed, isn't it?" He lifted it and said Its not light, is it?" I told him that its very fast and one of the fastest bikes I own. I told him that my average speed on the bike back in Dover and around was 18.5 MPS and here its dropped to 11. He said, "well now, I guess you will find out exactly how fit you are!" I told him how much I love the town and how pleasant the people have treated me. He thanked me for the sale and the business and wished me a happy and successful stay. I headed back to the house, stopping for home ham and cheese for snacks with the beer and TV. Great day all in all.

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