Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day Fourteen, 10-31-07

Flying home.
The trip to the airport went smoothly. I got a cab from the room and made it to the Train Station and got the ticket for the bus. When I got outside, the bus was loading. It was as simple as that.
This has been a wonderful trip. The people I have met and the places I found will always be fond memories. I was so lucky to have found such a great little town and such a wonderful place to stay.
The roads were very challenging. A great place for a vacation and something always to remember. I will be happy to be home. I love the thought of being back in Dover and back to a simple life of being in my own space and having my own kitchen.
Work starts tomorrow. I will be there at 12:00 and that's when, I'm sure the stories will start.

Final note: The crunch in the hub was a broken tooth on one of the Planet gears and not enough of a problem to have had to take the hub apart and replace the part on the road, I overhauled it when I got back to Dover and was back on the Golden Arrow with average speeds back to 18 mph three days later.

The Broken Planet Gear

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