Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day Seven, 10-24-07

I woke today to a very cloudy and gray, but dry day. The Weather always says that tomorrow is to be the same, Cool, Dry and gray. That's OK, I'm fine on overcast days. I'm showered and ready to head out in a bit. I will head down to check my email and pick up photos for the post cards. I got my things done and was on the road to Slapton Sands by 11:30. Nice knowing where I'm going and not having the fear of getting lost and having the advantage of knowing what's coming up on the road ahead. As I reached the National Cycle Route #2, The sun started coming out. I couldn't believe that I was going to see any sun on a day they forecasted gloom. Riding the hills has become easier. I know how much power to put on to make it up the next. It all feels good at this time.

I made it to Slapton Sands and found the Sherman Tank and the War Memorial. The Restaurant across the street looked great, so I went in and had the child size portion of fish and chips. Just enough. One pint and I was on my way. I decided to take the coast north up to Dartmouth. I watched the altimeter on the GPS go from 65 feet above seal level to 550 about 7 times today.

Along the coast you are either climbing or descending all the time. My plan was to get to Dartmouth center, cross on the Ferry and do the same route back to the house finishing on the dirt road that comes out to the house. Very nice and no traffic. When I reached the house, I came down here to the 7 star and now am enjoying a pint of Jail House Ale and a bag of Cheese chips, something that has been on my mind for the last hour. Afterwards I need to go to a cash machine and get cash to bring home to pay for my firsts weeks stay. Twenty five pounds a day, 175 pounds, about $350.00, not bad at all. Today's ride was about 50 mph. My average speed has gone from 10 mph to 11.5. Things are looking up. I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring but I look forward to every ride. I need to keep track of the spending because its very easy to spend a lot of money in a short time. I will limit my spending tomorrow. And try not to get into trouble. I got socked with the use of my cash card for phone calls. I will need to buy a phone card.

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