Monday, October 22, 2007

Day Five, 10-22-07

I woke to the Cow's mooing and a cloudy day. The weather gal says cloudy but dry and in the mid 50's, Great for taking photos. I'm planing on heading to do laundry, emails, camera shop to pick up my photos for my post cards and go to the bike shop. I also want to do a little work on my bike. I wont need the second gear on the hub so I'm going to remove it and have only the 22 tooth cog on it for a straighter chain line. Afterwards head out for a ride most likely north of the River Dart. Yesterday I could see folk's down below walking the bank, so I will try to find that spot. Another great day. Not many miles but a lot of living. I got everything I wanted to do and that's about as good as it gets. The photos for the post cards were larger then expected and needed trimming to fit the sticker backing. I went to the room and trimmed them down.
I went to a soot named "Grays" its a tea room of 3 star level. I had what they call cream tea. That is scones and clotted cream and jam. The tea was good the scones, the best!

Scones, Clotted Cream and Raspberry Jam

Tea Service for One

Grey's Tea Room

The Tea Cup Tree

I found a pint glass for the room. I needed to have something so I could save a little money by not having to go to the pub all the time that comes to about 20 dollars each pass. Not bad, but I just don't to run out of cash. I found the other side of the river and the trails I could see from above on the other side. Very Nice. I took some photos and headed out to see if I could get the post cards mailed and to the Castle. By the time I got to the Castle it was closed, It closes at 4:00. Something for another day. I did find the bicycle shop. Cute little place. Mostly Specialized Bicycle Products. The guy helping me said he had been to Specialized at Morgan Hill California. Small world. I bought oil and cleaned and oiled my bike on there bicycle rack in front. Laundry done. Food for the room, All in all a very good day. I love this town. People are so nice. I was surprised to see that sell fireworks at the supermarket. Really. Last night on the way back up the very steep hill there two small kids coming down on razor scooters. Very very fast. My guess around 30 MPS. I couldn't ever imagine what that would be like. No helmets, just young male energy, You do it and I will too. The kid in the back had a flat spot in his rear tire. So as he rolled it went thump, thump. Thump! But really fast, Like 30 mph.

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