Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day Eleven, 10-28-07

Rainy windy day. Very windy. The plan is to head down town on foot and take care of mail and come back later after the storm has blown over and go out on the bike for more photos and a ride. The Weather is said to clear so we will see about that. Im starting to worry about the money and the spending so I will need to slow down on that for a bit. I certainly don't want to run out of cash. I saw the kitty's run off into the barn with some kind of bird they had caught. Janet said she thought it was a pigeon. Such hunters. I saw the driveway where I park my Bicycle covered in white feathers. I don't think this was there first catch.
Its raining out now. The rain is going sideways through the sky. They still say it will clear later today by 3:00, Maybe not enough time to ride. Tomorrow looks good and nice to think that I will not be spending the day on the trains and bus's to see the collection at the museum.
Its almost 2:00 and its still blowing and wet. A lot like yesterday afternoon. I have been downtown and done emails and been to the store to get some things for the room, Im starting to think it might be wise to blow off the ride today. With the cloud cover and the earlier sunset it should be dark in about 2 hours and not enough time to do anything of distance.

I have made plans I think to meet Stewart at the 7's at 4:00, so I will head down in about an hour. I have to say that last night I had the best sleep. I was asleep by 9 and with the extra hour, I was up at 8:25. That's 12 hours of well needed. I had to stretch, but feel great. There's a nasty cold going around town and feel good that one, I'm not around people and two, sleeping to build up my strength. It will be nice to sit by the fire tonight. At the 7 Star. Its quarter past two now and still very wet and windy. I'm going to head down to the River Side and get some lunch and use the phone and see if I can reach Stewart for our meeting at 4:00. I went to the River Side and had the fish and chips. Not bad at all, and afterwards walked into town and took more photos. I went up to St Mary's and just walked around taking my time and getting different shots.

I got down to the 7's around 4:00 and ordered a pint. Shortly afterwards Stewart showed and we headed out for a different spot. We went to a pub called the Dartmouth Inn, that had a Cask Ale that had a gravity tap rather then a pump like the standard way they pour beer here. It was very fresh and possibly the best I have had.

Stewart introduced me to a Gentleman that use to race British Motorcycles years ago. I asked him if he still rode. He said ,"No". He said he gave it up when he was 27 years old because he thought it was a kid thing and he then needed to become a Man. Funny, I think sometimes that I gave up that Idea in trade for a life! After a night of rounds, Rose came and picked us both up and brought me back to the house in time for the new show, "Long Way Down", Like the show " Long Way Round, but a trip from John O Groats to cape horn in South Africa. Snacks and bed. Good nights sleep with a wake at 4am to check what happened with the World Series. The Red Socks Won, in 4 straight games! Very exciting!

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